Our goal is to assist people in our community who are struggling to get by for any reason.               We do this on our annual Pay It Forward Day.  Our first goal is to provide a day of love, and some “feel good” opportunities such as manicures, haircuts, hair styling, face painting, free groceries, music, bounce house for kids. (See events page for more details) Our goal is to also provide assistance to help people who are currently homeless, low-mid income population to move forward and upward causing a prevention of moving further into poverty.  We do this by offering many community resources, services, social services, affordable healthcare, college information, work skills, and more on the day of our event.  

Our Mission

 Assist people in our community who are homeless, or low-mid income to move in a forward and upward position.

 To offer assistance to low-medium income people who are struggling to get by, in order to prevent these people from going into poverty. 

To cause awareness for this demographic population of the many resources and services in the community that can assist in ways to help prevent further poverty or                 homelessness, and to provide opportunities that will cause self-sufficiency.                                 


Our Vision

To come along side our community to offer and create awareness of the many resources and services available in our community that can help meet peoples needs for the day as well as for the future. 

We Need Your Support Today!

Dale & Sherrell Fields

Pay it Forward Day Directors

Pay it Forward Day

Email: payitforwardwenatchee@yahoo.com

Phone: 509-470-0510

Registered Charity: 91-1252058